6 Greenhouse Plants Your Dogs Will Love

6 Greenhouse Plants Your Dogs Will Love

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Most lists for plants that pair well with dogs are based on what isn’t toxic for them, and frankly, that list is so long and large that it seems a bit superfluous. We are talking about thousands of species, including undesirables like poison ivy and poison oak.

Seemingly, it would be more relevant to know plants that are toxic for pooches, and more so, which of those plants are an actual problem. Just because a plant is toxic—and, hundreds are toxic to dogs—doesn’t mean a dog will be interested in eating it or even notably bothered by doing so.

Ultimately, with the idea of greenhouse plants that a dog will love, we had to look at 1/ plants that dogs enjoy eating or chewing and 2/ plants that provide dogs with a benefit. This significantly reduces the number of plants we are talking about. For plant-and-dog lovers, this is the winning combination you might be after.

1. Bamboo

Bamboo can be a good plant to grow for dogs, and there are lots of choices for growing bamboo in a greenhouse. The ideal choice would be a small, clumping variety that can be easily controlled and grown in a container. That said, there are small running species that can work, too.

Dogs like edible bamboo shoots for their sweet shoots in the spring, and they like to chew on older, crunchy ones.

Source: Dan Scott/YouTube

2. Thyme

Lots of culinary herbs are too strong for animals to enjoy. The taste and aroma of aromatics are a turn-off for dogs and other creatures. They are even used as natural pest control plants in gardens.

However, thyme is mild enough that dogs are enticed into munching them. Not only do many canines like thyme, but it also helps with gingivitis and other health issues. It can be added to their dog food, one teaspoon per pound.

3. Lemongrass

The essential oil of lemongrass is often used as a natural repellent for pests, such as mosquitoes and fleas. Applying a bit of it to a dog is usually considered safe (some dogs can be allergic). But, we are talking about the plant here.

As with other types of grass, many dogs will nibble on lemongrass to help with upset stomachs. If it’s just a little at a time, irregularly, this can be fine. Lemongrass has health benefits for dogs, including aiding digestion, boosting the immune system, and helping with the skin and coat.

Source: California Gardening/YouTube

4. Sugarcane

Just as with people, overindulgence in sugarcane can be horrible for a dog’s teeth, stomach, weight, and blood sugar levels. However, they love the sweet flavor, and the actual sugarcane—like bamboo—is nice for them to chew on.

Sugarcane likes to be grown in full sun and where there is plenty of water. In that instance, it can be an invasive perennial plant. It can also be grown in pots in a greenhouse where temperatures are colder. Dogs love it.

5. Chamomile

Though the ASPCA lists chamomile as toxic for dogs, many people use it as a natural way to calm anxious dogs and help dogs with upset stomachs. Chamomile can be fed to them in small doses such as tea, leaves, and powder (in food).

Chamomile is a great plant to keep in gardens and greenhouses. It is useful in making tea for humans, as well as a topical application for helping with soothing skin.

6. Green Beans

Many dogs love to eat vegetables from the garden. Carrots are one of the favorites, and green beans are a healthy alternative to store-bought treats. The beans can be steamed, raw, or even canned (but watch the salt).

Green beans are agreeable plants to grow, and a few climbing vines produce huge harvests. They can be grown in a greenhouse for wintertime treats.

Other vegetables that can be put in the greenhouse for dogs include peas, lettuce, edamame, and sweet potatoes.

It can be difficult to distill which plants are good for a dog. Some sources list something as both beneficial and toxic. But, remember that many human food plants—like almonds, potatoes, and rhubarb—can be harmful if not handled correctly. So, with a little research, it’s easy to grow a greenhouse safe for your dog and that it will love.

Animals Are My Favorite People by Tiny Rescue: Animal Collection

Animals Are My Favorite People by Tiny Rescue: Animal Collection

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