Adoptable pets from Arizona Humane Society, Maricopa County and Arizona Small Dog Rescue (8/16/23)

Adoptable pets from Arizona Humane Society, Maricopa County and Arizona Small Dog Rescue (8/16/23)


Our small but mighty Baxter is ready to be your loyal friend. Baxter is a devoted boy and wants nothing more than to be by your side as you explore the word. He enjoys walks outside, exploring the world with his nose. Make Baster your forever family member by visiting to meet him.Baxter | 6 years old | 33 lbs | Neutered Male | ID# A4895648 |MCACC

Ollie –


Remi has been at our are shelter since February and is STILL waiting for her forever home! She laidback girl who just wants to be by your side! Want to take afternoon naps? So does Remi! She’d do best in a home where she can be the center of attention, which means no fur siblings! She promises to make up for it with all the love she can give.Remi | 9 months old | 62 lbs | Spayed Female | ID# A4847693 |MCACC


Mama Roe is a resilient and loving soul in search of a forever home to call her own. This sweet girl is more than ready to start a new chapter in her life. Mama Roe has a heart full of affection and a spirit that shines. She’s looking for a loving family who can offer her the comfort and security she deserves. Visit to meet her!Mama Roe | 6 years old | 56 lbs | Spayed Female | ID# A4848369 |MCACC

Sweet Saguaro has been waiting to find his family since February! He longs for endless cuddles and love. He enjoys long walks outside, fetch and making a splash in the kiddie pool. He’d do best in a home with an active family that would take him on adventures and will allow him to be their personal trainer. Make every day an adventure by visiting to meet him!Saguaro | 2 years old | 51 lbs | Neutered Male | ID# A4847450 |MCACC

Houdini – –

Simba Lou –

Nina –



Joaquin –

Our charming boy, Cucumber, wants to be your forever friend. This playful boy is full of energy and spunk. He enjoys frequent play sessions and long walks outside. Are you ready to make Cucumber your new bff? Come meet him by visiting!Cucumber | 2 years old | 73 lbs | Neutered Male | ID# A4899264 |MCACC


Our cutie pie, Josie, is guaranteed to make you smile. This adorable girl is all love and enjoys nothing more than time outside. Whether it’s making a splash in the kiddie pool or showing off her perfect “sit” for delicious treats, she is always up for some fun! She’d do best in a home wit a patient family willing to go slow with her as she is approaching her senior years. Stop by to meet Josie by visiting!Josie | 6 years old | 61 lbs | Spayed Female | ID# A4885475 |MCACC

Tilly is a loving girl who is ready to give you all her love. She is a playful and kindhearted dog who just wants to find her family that will love her endlessly. Open your heart and home to this sweet girl by visiting to meet her.Tilly | 2 years old | 53 lbs | Spayed Female | ID# A4889701 |MCACC


Dilly –

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