Canine handler testifies that dogs alerted to human remains in Henry Dinkins trial

Canine handler testifies that dogs alerted to human remains in Henry Dinkins trial

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KCRG) – Davenport police think 10-year old Breasia Terrell was likely already dead when she was reported missing in 2020.

The child disappeared in Davenport, and the man who was watching her, Henry Dinkins, is on trial for her murder.

In court Tuesday a canine handler said his dogs smelled human remains on multiple pieces of evidence in the case.

The police dogs did detect human remains in the RV and impala.

The dogs’ Handler Jim Peters testified today Henry Dinkins owned those two vehicles.

Breasia’s body was not found in any of these locations.

“If you break it down, that would suggest that there was the odor of human decomposition or blood at each of those locations,” sao=id canine handler Jim Peter.

The state also called F-B-I Special Agent Eli Mc-Bride to the stand.

He detailed all of the pieces of evidence they collected from the vehicles.

That included things like a hatchet… a machete… a spray bottle with bleach… and a blanket with a red stain.

Breasia died by gunshot wounds.

But McBride testified they never found a gun or ammo in any of the vehicles.

People close to the man accused of murdering Breasia Terrell have also spent the last two days on the stand.

That includes the former girlfriend of the accused… Henry Dinkins… and Breasia Terrell’s grandmother.

Andrea Culberson was in a relationship and living with Henry Dinkins at the time of Breasia’s disappearance.

Culberson said Dinkins told her he would spend the night at their shared apartment with his son, referred only to as DL.

But that day she learned Breasia was coming too.

Breasia was the first to go to bed, followed by Culberson around 11:30 P-M.

When she woke up at 3 am to use the bathroom, Dinkins and Breasia were gone.

Thirty minutes later Dinkins returned home.

Culberson said she then saw Breasia standing outside next to Dinkins’ car, but never asked Dinkins where she went.

She was asked in court if there were any questions she wanted to ask but was too afraid to.

Culberson said yes, “Where’s Breasia, what’s going on, do you have her? Where’s she at? Is she okay? If not oh my god is did you call her mom?”

Culberson said while Dinkins leaving in the middle of the night was not unusual… she never saw Breasia and Dinkins together again… nor saw Dinkins with a gun.

Breasia’s grandmother Donita Gardner took the stand, saying she also didn’t ask any questions to Breasia’s brother afterwards.

Gardner said that she was waiting until DL came to her to talk, but never did. She said the incident was traumatic for DL.

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