Cat Getting Visibly ‘Mad’ at Owner for Sneezing Shown on Hilarious Clip

cat mad at mom for sneezing viral

A cat called Oliver has left the internet in stitches after his owner shared a video of his reaction every time she sneezes.

In the clip, shared on TikTok on Wednesday by Oliver’s mom, under the username Catladykarena, the cat can be seen getting visibly upset as his mom coughs and sneezes in front of him.

The hilarious clip, which quickly went viral on the platform, comes with a caption that says: “Some videos of my cat getting mad when I sneeze.” Followed by: “Like it’s something we can control.”

Pictures of Oliver provided by his owner. Oliver has gone viral for his reaction to his owner’s sneezing.

Oliver’s owner, Karena, told Newsweek: “We rescued Ollie when he was 6 weeks old and he’s the sweetest cat ever. He’s 4 now and he has always reacted this way when we sneeze and will come running if we sneeze and he’s in a different room. We like to think he’s saying ‘bless you.'”

Many users who left comments shared anecdotes about their own cats and their reactions to similar experiences, and it looks like most cats can get irritated very quickly by things their owners do.

According to British animal charity, Battersea, cats get frustrated when they feel like they’re not in control, when their expectations are not met, or because they’re being denied something they want, and just like with humans, it’s not hard to tell when your cat is mad at you.

Signs that your cat is frustrated include aggressive behavior, which can be either directed at what is causing them frustration or at something else entirely; destructive behavior like scratching furniture; and being persistently vocal.

If you’re the source of their frustration, your cat may move their head or body away from you; sharply or quickly turn their head towards your face or hands; growl, hiss, bite or swipe at you. They may also approach you, briefly interact, and then quickly walk away, potentially doing this over and over.

The video quickly went viral on social media, getting viewers from across TikTok. It has so far received over 925,500 views and 206,100 likes on the platform.

One user, editt912 said: “He looks so fed up with you.” And Ttyqwwpwpwpw said: “Hahaha tell him I apologize for my allergies.”

Mc.dogg wrote: “My cat does the same thing I just take it as her saying bless you and thank her.” And Jen J added: “He said ‘sneeze within yourself mom.'”

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