Cat Needing All the Snacks to Keep Calm During Vet Trip Will Cheer You Up

Cat nail trimming

The internet is often inundated with videos of cats kicking up a fuss when they are at the vet’s, but this cat is the total opposite. In fact, Jesse seems to be having a great time.

With snacks and three women waiting on him, the orange cat couldn’t be any more relaxed as he gets his nails clipped. So far, the comical TikTok clip shared by Jesse’s owner @cassidyjae__ has received over 642,000 views and almost 100,000 likes.

A ginger cat getting its nails clipped at the surgery. One vet has shared in a viral video how relaxed her cat is while in the hot seat.
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In the comments, Cassidy, a vet, told other users her cat loves her workplace so much, he literally “jumps in the carrier.”

But this is far from reality for many other cat owners. One study revealed 58 per cent of 1,938 cat owners believe their pet hates visiting the vet’s clinic. The Bayer Veterinary Care Usage Study III also found that more than half of felines aren’t attending their regular check-ups due to unpleasant experiences.

10 Tips to Make Appointments With Your Cat Easier

If Cassidy’s method isn’t possible, then perhaps the following tips provided by a U.K.-based charity Cat’s Protection will help.

  1. Book the appointment for a quiet time so it is less overwhelming for your feline.
  2. Leave the carrier out at home so your cat can explore it on its own terms.
  3. Stay calm and avoid playing loud music during the car ride.
  4. Use a pheromone spray.
  5. Find a vet with a cats-only waiting room.
  6. Don’t feed your cat ahead of the appointment to avoid vomiting or even worse toileting while in the carrier.
  7. Keep the carrier well ventilated but covered with a towel or blanket.
  8. To save time in the vets, prepare a list of questions ahead of the appointment.
  9. Avoid traveling during the hottest part of the day to ensure your cat stays cool.
  10. Allow your cat to relax after their appointment.

The video captioned, “He just really likes snacks,” has been a hit online, and more than 165 users have commented.

“Plot twist: he actually doesn’t mind it at all. he just likes treats and loves,” wrote one user.

“No wonder why cats think they are Gods,” joked another.

Another commented that “he’s enjoying his nail salon trip with the girlies.”

“I think this is it. I strongly believe that this is exactly what a cat want – treats, servants and attention,” posted another user.

It certainly isn’t the first time Newsweek has shared an article about a cat with high expectations from humans, and it probably won’t be the last.

In July, we shared a hilarious article about a cat refusing to get her paws wet, so her owner was left with no choice but to escort her outside with an umbrella for protection.

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