Daytona Beach woman says her dogs saved her from burglar accused of armed carjacking

Daytona Beach woman says her dogs saved her from burglar accused of armed carjacking

A Daytona Beach woman said she was saved by her dogs when a carjacking suspect broke into her apartment on Monday.

Marie Gilbert said she’d just walked in the apartment after morning coffee with her daughter. She said she heard a banging on the door, and she assumed it was her son. “Right as I closed the door. That’s when [I heard] ‘mama, mama, mama. Help me!’” 

Rather than her son at the door, it was 42-year-old Anthony Galloway, a man she’d never met. 

Just minutes before, he allegedly carjacked a man at gunpoint and abandoned the car at the apartment complex. 

Dozens of officers were involved in the pursuit. According to Gilbert, Galloway barged in the door and hid behind it, in an attempt to get away from those officers. 

Gilbert sicced her two dogs on him, “I’m like, Girls get him!” she said. The dogs, Millow and Roxy, got a hold of the intruder, causing him to panic.

Gilbert said deputies told her to call the dogs off and when she did, that’s when he took off. 

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According to deputies, he ran toward the window of the second-story unit and jumped through it. Gilbert was not physically injured but said it took some time for her to mentally deal with the incident. 

Gilbert, however, was injured as he fell to the ground below. He was capable of moving onto a nearby print shop where deputies said he barricaded himself. Police, deputies, and the SWAT team arrived on the scene to bring him into custody. 

He surrendered peacefully after law enforcement broke the door in. The shattered glass from the apartment window is presumed to be the cause of the blood seen in the bodycam footage at the time of his arrest. 

He was taken to the hospital for treatment before he was cleared and sent to Volusia County jail. At the end of the stand-off, no gun was found. Investigators claim they found it at a different apartment complex the following day when a 7-year-old boy picked it up off the ground and fired it. 

The bullet hit an unoccupied apartment. 

Galloway is being held with no bond on several charges related to the break-in and the carjacking. 

“I’m glad they [were] able to apprehend him, so he won’t continue to do this,” Gilbert said.


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