Dog Hilariously Tries—And Fails—To Hide Guilt After Tasting Bizarre Food

A guilty-looking dog

A viral video of a dog caught having a snack of butter from the kitchen has left people in stitches.

Dogs can have a habit of wanting to sneak a tasty treat, with varying degrees of success, but this pet was caught red-handed.

In a viral TikTok video, shared by the account oatmeal_the_sheepadoodle, Oatmeal the dog was found to have taken a chunk out of a piece of butter.

The video started with Oatmeal’s owner holding a stick of butter with a visible part of it having been bitten.

Stock image of a guilty-looking dog on a sofa. Oatmeal was caught red-pawed with butter near its mouth.

As the video continued, the owner walked over to Oatmeal who was on the other side of the kitchen, and asked: “Do you know who bit the butter?”

Oatmeal appeared not to be fazed by the question but there was clear evidence that the pet had been at the butter. A zoom-in on Oatmeal showed a bit of butter was stuck to the fur under the pet’s mouth.

According to PetMD, which offers advice about pet health, while butter is not toxic to dogs it is not good for them to eat.

It added: “Eating treats and snacks that contain butter can hurt your dog’s health and cause serious problems like pancreatitis.

“Certain fats and oils, such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, can help your dog’s skin and coat health. However, butter is not one of these healthy fats.

“Butter has a high saturated fat content and does not provide much nutritional value to your dog. In addition to the risk of pancreatitis, it also increases your dog’s chances of becoming obese, which can lead to hip and joint problems.

“Dogs can also be lactose-intolerant, just like humans. Your dog may only get an upset stomach from the fat content, or they may get hit twice as hard because of their lactose intolerance.”

Since being shared on July 28, the post has chalked up more than 694,200 views and an estimated 82,300 likes.

The overwhelming majority of people who commented on the post sided with the pet and joked they could not see any evidence Oatmeal ate the butter.

TikTok user Johanne said: “Oatmeal says ‘I’m as shocked as you. I have no idea who would do that.'”

Cheryl 007clealake added: “Dental forensics can be misleading. Could have been the mysterious dog from up the street.”

While Ev Cor posted: “As Oatmeal’s attorney, we would like to enter a plea of not guilty.”

Hlj042079 commented: “Oatmeal has no idea who bit the butter. Oatmeal saw nothing.”

Newsweek has contacted oatmeal_the_sheepadoodle for comment via TikTok.

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