Dog in ‘Barbie’ Coat Who Loves Getting His Nails Done Wins Pet of the Week

Antonio the dog

This week we’ve heard how a rescue dog saved a family of five from a house fire and saw the touching moment another dog was reunited with her family after going missing two years earlier.

As well as heartwarming stories, Newsweek readers have been sending in adorable pictures and videos of their pets.

Remember if you want your pet to be part of the Newsweek Pet of the Week lineup, follow the instructions at the end of this article.


Antonio has been at Austin Animal Center in Texas for just over a year. Still looking for his forever home, he’s fine with wearing clothes and even having his nails trimmed.
Ashley Barrington

This week’s Pet of the Week is a 7-year-old American pit bull terrier with a seriously enviable wardrobe.

Antonio currently lives with his fosterer Ashley Barrington who has been caring for him for the last four months. Having been in the shelter system at Austin Animal Center, Texas for a year, he is looking for his forever home.

At 60 pounds, he is a larger dog but loves to spend time with other canines and does really well with Barrington’s two smaller dogs.

In a video sent to Newsweek, Antonio was seen sporting a denim jacket alongside his Pug best friend. The matching dog coats feature the Barbie logo on the back as the dogs get fully into one of the summer’s most talked-about movies.

“He absolutely loves walks, hiking, toys and car rides,” Barrington told Newsweek. “He loves the water and walks well on a leash.”

House trained and crate trained, Antionio already knows plenty of commands including sit, down, stay, shake, paw, leave it, drop it and go to place.

He is even happy to wear clothes and is very relaxed when it comes to a grooming routine:

“He accommodates a wardrobe,” said his fosterer. “He is very patient, tolerant, and loves to cuddle. Very loyal, he forms strong bonds with his people.

“He’s very easy to handle for care and grooming, loves being brushed and is great with getting his nails trimmed,” Barrington added.

Antonio even has his own Instagram account at @adventurous_antonio and is still on the hunt for his forever home.

Adoptable through Austin Animal Center, he is available with no adoption fee and needs a loving and stable home after being in the shelter for over a year.


Moses the dog
Pictures of Moses the dog. The deer-headed Chihuahua loves chasing frogs and eating human food.
Sandra Kneaskern

Our first finalist this week is Moses, a 5-year-old deer-headed, long-haired Chihuahua who lives in North Carolina.

“He was adopted from a rescue out of VA beach,” owner Sandra Kneaskern told Newsweek. “Other than human food, I think Moses’ favorite thing is looking for toads.”

The deer headed chihuahua has a face and head shape that resembles a young deer, and are famed for their playful and feisty nature.

“My favorite thing about him is he’s always with me—no matter what happens or where I go,” said Kneaskern.

Joyce and Carol
Elderly rescue dogs Joyce and Carol.
Robert Eme

Next up this week are Joyce and Carol, two elderly sisters who were rescued by owner Robert Eme.

“We fostered and then adopted Joyce and Carol,” Eme told Newsweek. “They were two elderly sisters who had been together since birth.”

Eme dubs the girls his “heavenly old ladies” since their passing, but they got to enjoy a lovely life together.

“We got to experience the joy and love they brought to us for approximately two years,” said Eme.

Chili Patine
Chili Patine, a Labrador and dachshund mix who has been his owner’s “co-therapist” for 11 years.
Tommie Calfee

Last but not least this week is Chili Patine, a rescue dog who lives in Austin, Texas.

A Labrador and dachshund mix, he lives with owner Tommie Calfee who told Newsweek: “I am a nationally certified Recreational Therapist and Chili has been my co-therapist for all of his 11 years.”

Chili works with many people in the mental health community with serious mental illness, disabilities and brain injuries.

When he isn’t busy working, he also has some fun hobbies.

“He likes kayaking, retrieving monkey toys, art with mom and naps in the sun,” said Calfee.

Do you have funny and adorable videos or pictures of your pet you want to share? Send them to [email protected] with some details about your best friend and they could appear in our Pet of the Week lineup.

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