Dog Who Walked Home After Owner Killed in Hit-and-Run Gets Forever Family

Dog Waits For Owner

A loyal dog that lost his owner in a hit-and-run incident has been given a wonderful fresh start.

In March, a visually impaired woman in Nashville, Tennessee, tragically lost her life in a suspected hit-and-run collision while walking her dog.

The driver of a Ford pickup truck involved fled the scene, and heartbreakingly, the unharmed dog, Patch, walked himself home and was found waiting outside his owner’s front door.

“The victim, who is visually impaired, was walking with her dog on the east side of Rio Vista Drive over a bridge when she was struck,” the police statement said. “She was found by a passerby and rushed to Skyline Medical Center where she was pronounced deceased.”

🐾 Heartwarming Update: Patch’s Incredible Journey 🐾Remember Patch, the brave dog whose owner tragically lost her life in a hit and run earlier this…

The woman lived in a nearby apartment complex and when police found her dog waiting for her, they contacted Metro Animal Control.

Patch’s story touched hearts across the country and his loyalty and bravery was praised. But left without his owner, it was unclear what his future would be.

This week there has been a new heartwarming update for Patch—he is set to graduate as a fully trained service dog, and has found his forever family.

Patch’s tale turned around when Metro Animal Control contacted Medical Mutts Service Dogs who agreed to help Patch train to be the perfect service dog.

Pictures of Patch the dog at Metro Animal Control shortly after he lost his owner in a hit-and-run.
Metro Animal Control

“After that fateful day, Patch remained unharmed and faithfully waited on his porch after the accident, a testament to the bond between humans and their four-legged companions,” said Medical Mutts Service Dogs.

Newsweek reached out to Medical Mutts Service Dogs and Metro Animal Control for comment.

“We instantly fell in love with his spirit and resilience,” they said. “Months of dedicated training have paid off as we proudly announce that Patch is graduating as a fully trained service dog.”

As well as being a fully trained service dog, Patch has found a new loving family who are excited to cherish and support him in his new role.

“Patch’s journey, born from tragedy, now radiates hope and happiness,” said Medical Mutts Service Dogs.

To celebrate Patch’s happy ending, Medical Mutts is planning a special event at the Delaware Township Community Center.

On August 22 at 6 p.m., they will gather to cheer on Patch and all of the inspiring new service dog teams.

The news has filled many people with joy after hearing about his happy ending. Rebecca Bice Santamaria on Facebook said: “Crying tears of joy for this special boy. He of all pups deserves a second chance for love and a great family and home.”

“Great news for Patch,” said Judy Norman King. “He’ll make a wonderful support pup.”

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Update 8/18/23, 7:26 a.m. ET: This article was updated with a new headline.

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