Hysterics as Pug Allows Bigger Dog to Take the Blame for His Destruction

Labrador and a pug

Internet users have been left in stitches by a pug with zero remorse for his actions, being more than happy to let his Labrador brother take the blame.

Whenever dog owners come home to mayhem and destruction, they might struggle to work out who the guilty culprit is, but not for TikTok user @goth_pack. Between Gus the pug, and Briggs the Labrador and pit-bull mix, it wasn’t difficult for the owner to figure out who had misbehaved.

In a video shared on TikTok, the dogs’ owner returned home to find a bunch of items left chewed on the floor. Briggs came to show that he “feels bad, even [though] it wasn’t him.” Meanwhile, Gus was sunbathing outside with “zero feelings about what he [had] done,” and looking rather pleased with his antics.

The owner joked that they can’t leave anything out, and were asking for this mayhem in doing so. Since the video was shared on August 9, it has been viewed more than 284,300 times, and received over 36,900 likes already.

From left: A black Labrador; and a pug on a couch, looking at the camera. Gus the pug has amused many TikTok users after letting his brother take the fall for his own guilty actions.
smrm1977 / Diriye/Getty Images

It’s commonly thought that disparity in size isn’t the only thing that separates small dog breeds from big ones. The American Kennel Club (AKC) highlights the stereotype that small dogs are less obedient and tend to be scrappier than their larger counterparts.

The AKC gives the stark differences between a Chihuahua and a Labrador as an example. In a public location, the small dog became agitated and started barking, while the Labrador was happy to remain calm and unfazed.

It is thought that many of the differences between their attitudes can be a result of inconsistent training and the use of stern punishment, which leads to increased anxiety in dogs.

There is little doubt that Gus and Briggs differ in many ways, as their owner regularly shares videos of the unlikely duo’s behavior. The dogs have built up quite a following, as many social-media users can’t get enough of Gus’s cheeky demeanor, contrasted with the gentle and endearing temperament of Briggs.

After the video of Gus showing no regrets for his misbehavior went viral on TikTok, it generated hundreds of comments from bemused viewers.

User @stormtrooper_sarah commented: “those big puppy dog eyes as the pug is basking in all his glory in the sun.”

TikTok user @coreybillings78 wrote: “Big dog feels like he was supposed to be the babysitter and failed.”

Other pug owners shared their own stories of having such a mischievous dog breed. A comment by @baileylowry7 reads: “I don’t think my pug has ever felt guilt or remorse in his life.”

Newsweek reached out to @goth_pack via Instagram for comment. We could not verify the details of the video.

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