Internet Obsessed With Rescue Dog Who Keeps Dropping Ball Into Owner’s Bath

Dog in bath

Dogs take no notice of privacy, and if they want your attention, then there’s not much you can do about it.

One owner who recently found herself interrupted by her dog during a private moment was TikTok user @just_tiff7, who recently had her relaxing bath taken over by her rescue dog Pax.

In the video, Pax can be seen sitting by his owner’s bath with a tennis ball balanced delicately on the tub. “My dog keeps pretending that his ball ‘accidentally’ fell into the tub,” reads the text on the clip, as Pax looks increasingly shifty, eventually nudging the ball into the bath with his nose when he thinks his owner isn’t looking. He watches it bob around, and gives his mom the side eye.

Stock image of a dog in a bath. A dog has subtly tried to interrupt his owner’s relaxing bath in a video that has over 10.8 million views.
Getty Images/smrm1977

“My dog does this [too] except she pushes her toy off the couch and then watches me pick it up like a toddler. It’s a game for her,” commented one user. Newsweek has reached out to @just_tiff7 via TikTok for comment.

Footballs, rugby balls, even golf balls—dogs and things that bounce seem to be a winning combination, but tennis balls appear to top the list of desirable toys more often than not. One of the reasons why dogs love chasing balls so much is an instinctive behavior known as the prey drive, according to the pet advice site Pet Helpful.

“Prey drive is simply the instinctive inclination for dogs (and carnivores in general) to pursue and capture prey,” per the site. It adds, “Unlike wolves though (from which dogs descend, but are different in many ways), domesticated dogs have undergone some alterations in their prey drive, more precisely in the predatory sequence.”

While chasing things is a favorite pass time of most dogs, many may try to destroy the ball once they retrieve it, which should be discouraged due to the negative impact of ingested materials, such as intestinal blockages. “There are too many stories of dogs ingesting toy squeakers and requiring an expensive surgery to get it out!” according to Pet Helpful.

There are many non-toxic chew toys out there that pose less of a threat to your dog, as “Chewing in dogs is believed to be overall a relaxing and self-soothing activity considering that chewing releases endorphins, nature’s feel-good hormones,” the site states.

Users on TikTok loved the funny video.

“I love how they truly have their own unique personalities there’s so much more behind those eyes that a lot of people don’t realize,” said one viewer.

“This HAS to be a rescue dog lol Mine is the same way. Side eye and all. Sweet babies,” commented another user.

“You must play ball with him NOW!!!! What a cutie pie!!!,” wrote a third user.

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