Mom Dog and Son Inseparable as They’re Adopted Together After ‘Rough’ Life

Aurora and Apollo

A canine mother and son are living their best lives after being adopted together.

“We found Aurora on an adoption website, and we inquired,” Alan from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, told Newsweek. “A few days later, they listed her son. We thought we would the best chance to get Aurora would be to adopt Apollo as well.” The couple were right, and in March 2023, the dogs came home to their new family.

A DNA test revealed that mom Aurora is a Great Pyrenees and husky mix, while her son Apollo has even more breeds mixed in.

Pictures of Aurora and Apollo curled up together on the floor at their house. The mother-and-son duo have found their forever home together.

In heartwarming pictures, the mom and son love curling up together and appear to be completely overjoyed to have been adopted as one.

“We could not ask for a better pair of dogs,” said Alan. “They love being together. We always wanted two dogs, and this was a great opportunity.”

Aurora and Apollo aren’t the only family unit to stay together after finding a new home. There was the mother-and-daughter pair in January adopted together in Los Angeles, or the American bullies who were reunited in 2022 via a DNA test.

While some dogs are happiest being the only pet in the house, bonded dogs aren’t uncommon. Director of the Animal Talent agency Paula Stewart previously told Newsweek: “Dogs are emotionally intelligent and can form strong bonds with other dogs, just like humans form strong bonds with friends or relatives. They rely upon each other and adore their time together in play, sleep, work or training and even feeding time.”

Alan shared the picture of the loving mom and son on Reddit’s r/aww subreddit where it has received more than 20,000 upvotes and hundreds of comments.

Dog lovers on the site shared their reactions to the animals’ adorable bond.

“So glad you kept them together,” wrote user Branjiebelle. “That pic is the sweetest thing ever.”

“This is so touching… thank you for adopting both! it always sad when puppies are separated from their mom so young… so i love this,” commented Royal_Buddy3479.

Since coming to their new home, the dogs have overcome some health issues and are now doing much better. “It wasn’t easy. They seemed to have had a rough go at life up to moving in with us,” Alan wrote in a follow-up comment on the Reddit post.

“Aurora had heart worm, so we had to go through that treatment process, and now Apollo has hip dysplasia and we are going to go through that,” added Alan. “In addition, they both had distemper, so now we have to deal with that as well going forwards.

“Our dogs are just adorable, and we wanted to share them,” said the owner. “I had posted them before and got positive feedback, so I shared them again.”

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