National Black Cat Appreciation Day: 7 fascinating facts about black cats

National Black Cat Appreciation Day: 7 fascinating facts about black cats

Black cats have a magnificent appearance and while there are plenty of cat lovers who can’t stop raving about these black beauties, there is no dearth of haters due to superstitions attached to them. Black cats have sometimes been condemned as incarnation of Satan and other times as harbinger of bad luck. A black cat crossing the path is still considered as a sign of bad luck. However, some civilisations also considered black cats lucky. There are many reasons to appreciate their black feline beauties as they are quite lovable and playful. Black cats also make for wonderful companions and are quite attached to their owners. (Also read: National Black Cat Appreciation Day: 5 top black cat breeds that make for great pets)

Despite their stunning appearance, black cats have faced myths and misconceptions throughout history(Pixabay)

“Every August 17, we celebrate National Black Cat Appreciation Day, dedicated to these mysterious feline friends. Despite their stunning appearance, black cats have faced myths and misconceptions throughout history. Let’s explore fascinating facts about them to discover the truth,” says Devanshi Shah, Founder and CEO, Petkonnect in an interview with HT Digital.

Shah shares interesting facts about black cats on National Black Cat Appreciation Day.

1. History’s symbols

Different cultures have used black cats as both lucky and unlucky symbols. While the Middle Ages associated them with superstitions, the Ancient Egyptians revered them as a form of protection. We want to dispel these myths and celebrate their individuality today.

2. Hidden colours

Apart from their all-black coats, these cats can have interesting hidden patterns. Hints of dark brown or rust may be visible in bright light. They become even more alluring due to the “ghost striping” phenomenon.

3. Variety in breeds

Black is more than just a colour; it’s also a pattern that many cat breeds exhibit. Black cats come in a variety of sizes and shapes, including the sophisticated Bombay and the svelte Panther. Every species brings unique qualities to the table.

4. Good fortune worldwide

Contrary to popular belief, some cultures view black cats as lucky symbols. They represent prosperity and good fortune in Japanese folklore. Regardless of individual beliefs, these cats are loved all over the world.

5. Genetic marvel

The black coat colour is due to a genetic trait called ‘melanism.’ This trait creates the rich darkness of their fur. Interestingly, black cats can have a variety of eye colours, adding to their enigma.

6. Playful personalities

Black cats are well known for being affectionate and playful. They make wonderful companions. They cling to their owners tightly and enjoy engaging in interactive play.

7. Stars on screen

Black cats have left their pawprints on the big screen and in pop culture. Remember Salem from ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ or Thackery Binx from ‘Hocus Pocus’? These characters have charmed audiences with their memorable roles.

Adopt, don’t hesitate

“This Black Cat Appreciation Day, consider adopting a black cat from a shelter. Sadly, these cats are adopted less often due to lingering myths. By offering a loving home, you’re defying superstitions and giving a deserving companion a forever family,” says Shah.

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