Our friendship is threatened by this dog dispute

She stiffed my kid for cat-sitting and sent nasty note

Dear Amy: I’ve been friends with “Carol” since third grade.

She has a condo in Florida, and I try to visit her once a year. Her husband died a year ago, so she’s been alone.

Before this year’s visit, she told me that she had a man in her life and that he would “be around” while I was there.

Well, he was around, constantly, always calling, always wanting to be with us.

The first night I was there, she went and stayed overnight with him, leaving me with her two irritating dogs, who barked and whined all night long.

I told her in the morning, and she apologized, but still stayed at his place every night I was there, leaving me with the dogs.

I am happy for my friend that she found a new guy. I didn’t mind her staying at his place at night. My problem is that she couldn’t go five days without him being around constantly, so I could enjoy my vacation with my friend.

And she left me with her dogs every night while they barked constantly.

This has caused a problem with our friendship.

She seems mad at me, but I think I’m the one that has the right to be upset.

I’d love to hear your opinion.

– Dog Tired

Dear Dog Tired: People enjoying the first rush and flush of a new relationship tend to behave selfishly. So, no, Carol actually believes she cannot currently go five days without seeing her squeeze.

Presumably he spends the nights with her and her dogs, and so she may have thought that she was making space for you by bouncing him to his own place during your stay, but abandoning you to deal with her dogs every night was extremely disrespectful.

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