Owner Calls Cops After Cat Opens the Freezer

Owner Calls Cops After Cat Opens the Freezer

A cat owner was forced to call the cops after spotting their pet opening the freezer door on a pet cam—while they were hours away on vacation.

TikTok user @allthewhilekyle left his cat home alone while on a trip but used a pet cam to monitor her behavior.

The mischievous feline spent her free time climbing all over the kitchen counters. In the funny footage posted to the video-sharing platform, the cat climbs on top of the fridge to sniff around some containers, before leaping up onto a shelf.

The feline’s leap was so majestic that it flung the freezer door open.

Unfortunately, she accidentally kicks open the freezer in the process, allowing the food to thaw. She has a guilty expression on her face while staring back at the swinging door, seemingly aware of the trouble she has caused.

Not knowing what else to do, @allthewhilekyle called the police to see if they’d close the door for him—surprisingly, they obliged.

“When you’re away on vacation and your cat opens your freezer,” he wrote alongside the post. “And you find out at 1am, so you ask the police if they’ll lend a hand.”

It’s not long before two officers show up. After coming in through the remote garage, one cop shuts the freezer, while the other looks down at the feline disapprovingly before trying to pet her.

Cat looking at open freezer door
The cat seemed just as stunned as her owner that she’d managed to open the freezer door.

“I told them to feel free to yell at her on their way out,” @allthewhilekyle said. “They saved us *hours* of driving and a big waste of time on our vacation. Just get a dog.”

As they give owners the option to keep an eye on their pets 24 hours a day, demand for pet cameras has increased along with the number of millennials taking in shelter cats and dogs, according to Emergen Research. According to 24Petwatch, there are several reasons why owners might invest in a pet cam, with peace of mind a key selling point.

A pet cam allows owners to check in on their furbabies, no matter where they are, and call for help in an emergency. There are other pros to owning a pet cam, such as catching misbehaving animals in the act or communicating with your pet from afar.

But perhaps the biggest benefit is the endless comedy that pet cams have provided, with animals caught doing everything from chewing their human’s shoes to smashing their flat-screen TV.

Police officer shutting the freezer door
One police officer shut the freezer door while another tried to befriend the kitty.

TikTokers found the scene hilarious, with the video receiving 3.6 million views and over 520,000 likes.

“What a CATastrophe,” said Lucia G Morales.

“I love how the cat looked at it like uhhh I cannot fix that,” said Kati Lippincott.

“Can you imagine getting that call?!” said Crystal. “Then showing up and the cat greets them like, ‘Oh, thank you for coming officer.'”

“They better have [written her] a citation!” said Twix Denny.

“This is so funny, they way they walked in like dissappointed dads,” said Charlie.

“Love how one of them still was trying to pet her,” said oliverisnowtaken.

“When you have a cat and leave for vacation, you gotta make the place as if there was 20 toddlers with super agility and strength at your place,” advised Ohnitsch.

“Going to need a child lock for next time,” said Alison Levine. “Adorable little trouble maker.”

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