Owner Goes on Vacation, Her Cat’s Response Goes Viral: ‘Queen’

Cat relaxing

Pets soon become a part of the family so it’s pretty normal for owners to miss their furry friends when they’re on vacation. But one owner’s mind was put to rest when she received a video showing her cat Smudge was coping just fine.

During the clip shared to a TikTok page dedicated to the cat (@smudgeandfriends), 18-year-old Smudge can be seen lying on her back with one leg in the air while grooming herself. It seems she couldn’t be any more relaxed as she basks in the grass.

The on-screen text states the owner was “worried Smudge might be sad” whilst she was away, but a video sent by her sister confirmed Smudge is “coping fine.”

A stock image of a cat lying in the grass and an inset of vacation marked on a calendar. A cat owner has shared the moment their cat was caught relaxing outside while they were on holiday.
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Comforted Kitty, a U.S. based cat sitting company, has shared some top tips for owners leaving their felines at home while on holiday.

  1. Clean up prior to departure and make sure all electric wires are out of the way.
  2. Leave toys and entertainment to ensure your furry friend isn’t bored.
  3. Hire a cat sitter or check your pet into a cattery.
  4. Set up a camera to ensure your cat isn’t up to no good.
  5. Leave your unwashed clothes where your cat likes to sleep so they can snuggle into them when they miss you.

While Smudge seems to be living her best life, some cats are the total opposite. One woman was left in shock when she received a video of her two cats fighting while she was away. Another owner shared the moment their cat strained their neck not to lose sight of them as they left for a weekend away.

Most pet owners would prefer to bring their animals along with them but it isn’t always an option. However, one lucky cat was invited to an Airbnb staycation with his family.

So far, the viral clip has over 278,000 views and 50,000 likes, along with hundreds of comments.

One user called Smudge “an unbothered queen,” and another noticed: “Smudge is just enjoying her summer.”

“Smudge is not concerning herself with your absence,” commented one person.

Another user joked: “No tan lines for Smudge.”

“Yeah she’ s fine..she thinks finally she can relax all day and [no one is] interrupting her leisure time,” said another.

The owner responded to one of the comments and said: “Smudge is happy to see us on our return, but our other cat Ruby will cold shoulder us for at least a day!”

It isn’t unheard of for pets to act different when their owners return, one dog decided to ignore his owner after spending 10 days with his “grandpaw.”

Newsweek reached out to @smudgeandfriends for comment via TikTok. We could not verify the details of the case.

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