Pet Owner Uses Dog Vision Filter To Pick Out HomeGoods Toy

Pet Owner Uses Dog Vision Filter To Pick Out HomeGoods Toy

Seeing the world through a TikTok filter might hold the secret to your dog’s happiness.

Creator Abby Krieser (@abbykrieser) recently posted a viral video on the app, in which she uses a camera filter while shopping for pet toys. The video has 2.3 million views and more than 66,000 likes.


From now on im always using this filter when buying him toys 🥹

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In the TikTok, Krieser shops the pet aisle at a HomeGoods location and views the toys though the “Dog vision” filter from creator @trusted.housesitters. The filter shows a world where blue and yellow colors pop, and every other hue is muted. The video uses audio from creator @jordankpaul, who also made a video using the filter, saying that it was similar to how they saw the world as a color-blind person.

In Krieser’s video, she selects a bright blue toy from the store. The TikTok then shows her dog absolutely having the time of their life playing with it at home.

“From now on im always using this filter when buying him toys,” Krieser captioned the video.

One commenter wrote, “Dude my dog legit loves all our blue and yellow stuff.”

“So that is why my dog loves the ‘butter scented’ yellow flower chew but not the purple/pink ‘[peanut] butter scented’ chew,” another commented.

“My dog always favored her blue toys. I understand now,” a viewer chimed in.

“This is filter is how I learned my dog loves the color blue!” one person wrote.

“Crazy I just did this and her favorite toys are the brightest ones with this filter,” another viewer commented.

According to a 2021 article from the American Kennel Club, “Dogs can make out yellow and blue, and combinations of those colors. This renders a lot of the world grayish-brown.” 

Dogs perceive the world similarly to people with red-green color blindness, according to the club. It attributes this perception to how the retina is structured: “Dogs have more rods than cones in their retina, whereas people have more cones, and this apparently makes the difference in color perception. Humans and a few other primate species are trichromatic, which means they have three kinds of cones. Dogs are dichromatic, and have only two types.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Krieser via TikTok and HomeGoods via email.


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*First Published: Sep 7, 2023, 1:38 pm CDT

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