Rescue Cat Napping on Stolen Hamburger Bun Melts Hearts

Cat sniffing a burger on a plate

A sleepy feline has gone viral for his unique choice of pillow, after taking a nap on a hamburger bun.

In the hilarious footage shared to TikTok by user Aub Layton (@aubslayton), a black cat named Bucket looks perfectly content resting his head on the piece of bread. However, the origin of the bun is a mystery, with Bucket having “stolen” the slice from an unknown location.

Despite the bun looking squashed, Bucket snoozes away happily—until Layton attempts to remove the slice from underneath him. The cat rearranges himself slightly, but it’s clear he’s not giving up his resting spot, so Layton leaves him to nap away.

A stock photo of a tabby cat sniffing a burger on a plate. Rescue cat Bucket and his bun-stealing ways went viral.
chomphuphucar/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Netflix

“Just realized he stole a hamburger bun to use as a pillow,” the TikTok user wrote alongside the funny clip. “Where did he find it? Top 10 unsolved mysteries.”

While humans might prefer a soft mattress and a fluffy pillow, cats are known for napping in weird places and positions. According to PetMD, cats sleep between 12 and 16 hours a day, including frequent “cat naps” in 15 to 30-minute intervals.

Humans need an average of seven to nine hours of sleep per night, so the fact that cats spend most of the daytime napping might seem lazy. However, cats often need to conserve their energy, as they spend their awake hours playing, hunting, and exploring, and are most active between dawn and dusk.

Layton runs an unofficial cat sanctuary in Salem Township, Pennsylvania, per other posts from the account. Since 2020, she has cared for over 100 stray cats and kittens at her own cost, including having them neutered or spayed and finding them loving homes.

Although her TikTok account has over 172,000 followers, Bucket and his hamburger bun is her most popular video ever, receiving 6.7 million views and 1.6 million likes so far.

“When you forget to give your friend a pillow and blanket during a sleepover,” joked user codling.

“I’m crying he’s so cute,” commented arc.powder. “He needs a cheese blanket to go with his bun pillow,” said ShannAnigans.

“HEYY HE WAS USING THAT,” wrote Ethan.

“Why would you take it away,” asked ko_eiry_ahua_.

“LET HIM HAVE IT,” said user33555444777733.

“You let that boy sleep,” agreed thecussing tree.

“I just know he was having the best sleep,” said Sammy, while YoMom dubbed the bun “Emotional support bread.”

Many users suggested that Layton buy Bucket a pillow shaped like a burger, but in a follow-up clip she explained that they “can’t afford that right now.” Fortunately, the viral video won Bucket lots of fans, who were more than happy to treat him to a bread-shaped pillow.

“Bucket’s burger pillow has been bought by an amazing person,” Layton said in a video update. “Dreams really do come true.”

Newsweek reached out to @aubslayton for comment via TikTok and Instagram.

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