Roger Stone compares Ron DeSantis to unsuccessful dog food salesman

Roger Stone compares Ron DeSantis to unsuccessful dog food salesman

Convicted GOP operative Roger Stone is throwing more shade at Gov. Ron DeSantis and his chances of securing the Republican nomination next year, this time likening the presidential hopeful to an unsuccessful dog food salesman.

According to him, DeSantis is sinking in national polls because like the proverbial pooch chow merchant, his product — in the Governor’s case, his personality and people skills — is unpalatable.

“I am reminded of the story of the guy in the dog-food business who went broke because he couldn’t get (any) orders,” Stone wrote on X, the social media platform formerly called Twitter. “When asked why his business failed he said, ‘well, the (dogs) didn’t like the sh*t.’”

Stone, whose three-year prison sentence for obstruction and witness tampering was commuted by Donald Trump, has had little nice to say about DeSantis even before the Governor began running against the former President this year.

Since then, he’s only grown more vocal in his vitriol, calling DeSantis a “cold fish who doesn’t like people” and asserting that he would be “working in a Dairy Queen” if not for Trump, who endorsed him for Governor in 2018 and last year.

He’s also taken a shot at Florida’s First Lady, Casey DeSantis, whom he likened to the scheming and manipulative Shakespeare villain, Lady Macbeth.

Stone made the dog food salesman comment Thursday while sharing a news report about DeSantis’ unpleasant dealings with many Republicans in Washington and Florida who had little nice to say about the Governor’s awkward and unpleasant nature.

Among the Governor’s harshest detractors was Sarasota Sen. Joe Gruters, who served as Chair of the Florida GOP for four years under DeSantis. He told The Washington Post he “fully expected the downfall of (DeSantis’) campaign a long time ago.”

“The more he is met by people, the more they are not going to like him,” he said. “The more he’s out there, the more his numbers go down. It’s not a good long-term scenario for him.”

Gruters, who endorsed Trump in April, voted alongside Democrats later that month against a DeSantis-backed bill undermining Disney’s land-use powers over its Central Florida properties.

The entertainment and theme park conglomerate became a target of the Governor after its former CEO, Bob Chapek, criticized a state measure DeSantis championed restricting LGBTQ inclusivity in public schools.

In June, DeSantis vetoed close to $30 million in state funding the Florida Legislature approved for Sarasota. Gruters chalked it up to political vindictiveness.

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