Senior Shelter Dog Watching Puppies Get Adopted Brings Internet to Tears

Border collie smiling at camera

A senior shelter dog who watched many of the younger dogs get adopted before him has brought many internet users to tears, but the power of social media meant his viral stardom has finally led to an adoption.

The British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BCSCPA) works tirelessly in Canada to get as many of their rescue dogs adopted, from young pups to the more mature hounds. Finding forever homes for the small puppies isn’t as difficult, but they’ve spent much longer trying to get 13-year-old Jessie adopted.

A video of Jessie watching all the puppies get adopted before him was posted on TikTok (@bcspca) on July 31, highlighting that he was “still searching for his perfect home.” Despite having to wait even longer than the puppies, Jessie still looked so happy for his comrades and the smile never left his face.

A stock image of a happy border collie looking up at the camera. Internet users have been brought to tears by a senior dog finally getting adopted after he became a viral sensation.
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Since the video was shared, it has been viewed more than 1.8 million times and received over 307,000 likes already. Going viral has generated masses of attention for Jessie, and it’s even led to his very own happy ending, as the BCSPCA shared an update video just days later.

On August 2, a follow-up video revealed that through “the power of social media,” Jessie finally got adopted. His newfound TikTok fame led to three meetings with potential adopters before he found “his perfect match.”

Writing on TikTok, the shelter announced how happy they were that “he will finally get to spend the rest of his days in a loving home.” Many TikTok users were ecstatic to discover that Jessie was getting to leave the shelter at last, and he was seen jumping around excitedly.

The original video of Jessie watching the puppies get adopted, which subsequently brought him viral fame, received over 4,400 comments on TikTok. The emotional clip brought many social media users to tears as they hoped that, one day, Jessie would find his perfect family.

Among the comments on the post, one person wrote: “I’m sobbing, please someone adopt this beautiful baby.”

Another TikToker commented: “Adopting seniors is so fulfilling. Someone give this baby a home.”

“Glad to hear Jessie got adopted! The internet works in mysterious ways sometimes,” responded one person after seeing the update video.

Newsweek reached out to @bcspca via email for comment. We could not verify the details of the case.

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