Stray dog walk-in clinic fosters community involvement, ownership awareness

Stray dog walk-in clinic fosters community involvement, ownership awareness

LUCKNOW A walk-in clinic for stray dogs — where residents can bring in strays from their locality for administering anti-rabies vaccines and neutering procedures — is witnessing an increased influx.

HSI has performed thousands of neutering procedures on stray dogs. (Sourced)

Run by the Lucknow chapter of Humane Society International (HSI) in Indira Nagar, these walk-in facilities for strays, launched in 2021, used to be open only once a week. However, the veterinarians at the clinic are now attending to stray patients more frequently than before. While the services were initially offered on Saturdays, they have expanded to include weekdays as well.

“Although the number of walk-in stray cases sometimes fluctuates due to weather conditions, there is also an increase on occasions like World Spay Day. Since the initiation of these services in Lucknow and Uttarakhand (the sole locations offering these services) in 2021, the Lucknow clinic has attended to 510 stray dogs up until July 2023, with an average weekly rate of 10 dogs coming in for vaccinations or neutering procedures. The facility is staffed by qualified veterinarians who conduct these procedures.”

“This initiative not only safeguards the health of street dogs but also fosters a sense of responsibility within our neighbourhoods and community members. It effectively addresses the pressing issue of unchecked stray dog populations,” said Dr Sanjay Ahir, a veterinarian and senior manager of the dog management program at HSI.

It’s worth noting that HSI has also performed thousands of neutering procedures on stray dogs in collaboration with the municipal corporation and the department of urban development as part of their Animal Birth Control initiative.

“Over the past two years, an increasing number of Lucknow residents have been bringing in community dogs to our facility for spay/neuter surgeries. This demonstrates a growing awareness among the city’s community members concerning the welfare of street dogs,” said Vrushti Mawani, senior manager of community engagement at HSI.

“Previously, we would keep the dogs for three days after the sterilization or neutering procedure for post-surgery care. However, due to the higher numbers of strays and the convenience for citizens bringing them in, we have had to become more flexible about the days on which we offer walk-in facilities,” said Divyanshi Pandey of HSI Lucknow.

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