The Greatest Bird Characters In Disney Movies

The Greatest Bird Characters In Disney Movies


  • Disney includes many animals in their animated films. Birds are often portrayed as sidekicks, who add humor to the overall story.
  • Lady Kluck from Robin Hood is a standout bird character who is athletic, supportive, and entertaining.
  • Iago from Aladdin is an evil parrot who is one of the funniest Disney characters, often going on animated rants.

Disney loves its animals as shown by the fact most of its main animated features include animals in some way. There are the likes of Mickey Mouse and his gang, as well as various horses, lions, and other creatures. You certainly see plenty of birds while watching the company’s many movies.

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In most cases, they play the role of a sidekick to the protagonist or simply a secondary character in the story. They don’t often get to be the main characters, but several of them add a lot to the overall tale that’s being told. Typically, it’s humor they add to the experience as many of them are very funny. The following ones are the standout birds.

7 Lady Kluck – Robin Hood

Lady Kluck appears in the 1973 Robin Hood as a Lady-in-Waiting to Maid Marian. As her title suggests, she’s upper-class and speaks with a posh accent. However, she doesn’t have the exact personality you expect from these sorts of characters.

She doesn’t just sip tea and make snide remarks. Lady Kluck is very athletic and physical, as she repeatedly proves throughout the movie. This is very useful to Robin Hood and Maid Marian on many occasions. And it also makes her a more entertaining character. She is also easy to like since she is always supportive of Maid Marian, no matter how many problems she creates for herself.

6 Zazu – The Lion King

The Lion King Shot Of Zazu Smirking

In The Lion King, Zazu is a royal advisor. He provides information and assistance to the King. As he’s only a small bird, the others don’t always take him seriously. In fact, the likes of Simba and Nala often tease the guy.

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Naturally, he sometimes gets frustrated or annoyed by the animals around him, which is typically funny to witness. He’s also involved in several of the best songs in Disney movie history. This is the main reason why the bird will always be fondly remembered.

5 Owl – Winnie The Pooh Series

The Tiger Movie Screenshot Of Owl Drinking Tea

The characters in Winnie The Pooh don’t have the most inventive names, so just because he’s simply called Owl doesn’t mean he’s not a vital part of the series. He has appeared in many of the Winnie-The-Pooh movies.

His personality doesn’t fluctuate between them too much. He is always presented as the most intellectual resident in Hundred Acre Wood. Yet, he’s also a bit pompous, and his teachings often devolve into personal stories that nobody else really cares about. It’s a fun gimmick that makes Owl’s scenes enjoyable.

4 Hei Hei – Moana

Moana Shot Of Hei Hei On Boat

Most animals in Disney movies, whether they’re dogs, cats, or fish, are typically smarter than the animal they’re based on. This isn’t the case with Hei Hei from Moana.

This rooster is dumb. In fact, it’s hard to tell if he ever even knows what’s going on around him. He just bumbles his way into situations and usually creates problems for himself and others. This buffoonery is the cause of plenty of funny moments in Moana. And you can’t help but like this little airhead since he’s a loyal ally to the titular character.

3 Scuttle – The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid Screenshot Of Scuttle Looking At Fork

Scuttle the seagull serves as a secondary character in The Little Mermaid. He is good friends with Ariel, but unlike the rest of her inner circle, he lives above the water.

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He’s an odd fellow as he’s very eccentric and continuously makes outlandish movements with his body. This makes him fun to watch, though. Yet, his true entertainment value comes from the fact he believes himself to be an expert on humans despite knowing very little. But you can’t say he lacks confidence as he convincingly teaches Ariel about humans and their things. Pretty much all of it is comically wrong. For example, he believes forks are meant for styling your hair.

2 Iago – Aladdin

Shot Of Angry Iago In Aladdin

Disney clearly has a high opinion of birds as they often present them as noble creatures who are on the side of good. This isn’t the case with Iago from Aladdin, though. This outrageous parrot is certainly evil in the original movie. This is because he is the loyal sidekick of Jafar. Yet, evil or not, he is among the funniest characters Disney has ever created.

His humor mainly comes from his anger. The parrot continually flies into fits of rage and goes on large animated rants about whatever he’s mad at. These moments are always entertaining and are the main thing that separates this bird from the many other Disney villain sidekicks the company has created.

1 Donald Duck – Various

The Three Musketeers Shot Of Donald Duck Holding A Suitcase in each hand

When you think of a Disney bird, your mind likely goes to Donald Duck. After all, not only is he among the most famous birds Disney has created, he is one of the most well-known Disney characters ever. This is because of his many appearances in primarily Micky Mouse-based cartoons.

Some of them have been feature films, such as Once Upon A Christmas, The Three Musketeers, and Fantasia 2000. No matter what role he is playing in those flicks, he is depicted as a grouchy coward who offsets the positivity and bravery of Mickey. Plus, he’s often the butt of the jokes, which always provides a few laughs.

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