Vigil held for toy poodle mauled by NYC bookstore owner’s dog, Syko

Vigil held for toy poodle mauled by NYC bookstore owner's dog, Syko

Animal lovers held a vigil outside a Manhattan bookstore Friday for a poodle named Baby — after the pup was mauled by the owner’s aggressive German shepherd and had to be put down.

About 30 people gathered with white candles outside La Librairie des Enfants on the Upper East Side to hold a moment of silence for the tragic pooch.

Baby, a seven-pound toy poodle, was euthanized last Friday after the store owner’s 98-pound white shepherd, Syko, attacked the pup.

Baby’s owner, Akiba Tripp, arrived at the vigil in tears, wearing a Prada hat, stonewashed jeans, and a shirt that said “warrior.”

She recalled watching her beloved pet get mauled by Syko, describing it “like a horror scene in a movie.” 

“The police haven’t done anything,” the grieving woman told The Post.

“I’ve had many losses in my life but this is different. It has only been a week. I’m still in shock,” she said, adding that she has been watching pet grief videos to heal.

Baby’s owner, Akiba Tripp, arrived at the vigil in tears on Friday.
Facebook/Akiba Tripp

Many of the attendees echoed Tripp’s frustration over the NYPD’s lack of response.

Ann Marie Rakovic, an administrator of “Greyhounds in New York City,” said the cops have “failed us.”

“We understand that there have been many complaints filed with the police department and they have fallen on deaf ears, unfortunately,” she said.

“The Police Department — unfortunately, Precinct 19 — has fallen down on the job, they have failed us in the community.”

Tripp and vigil attendees.
About 30 animal lovers held a moment of silence for Baby outside La Librairie des Enfants.
Robert Miller

Tripp fondly looking at a photo of her dog.
Baby’s owner has been watching pet grief videos to heal after the horrifying attack.
Robert Miller

Rakovic also blamed elected officials and the Health Department for failing to “help us to problem solve.”

The NYPD does not have jurisdiction over animal attacks as dogs and other pets are considered property — meaning it is a civil matter, not a criminal matter.

The NYPD did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Local banker, David Siegel, who lives on East 93rd Street, said he worries about his own dog Bernie, calling the incident an “accident waiting to happen.”

“I’ve walked by here on multiple occasions,” he said of the French-language children’s bookstore, located on East 92nd Street.

“I try to remember not to, but a few weeks ago, I did walk by. The dogs just lunged at the door, scaring the you-know-what out of me and my dog. My dog was petrified,” he recalled.

La Librairie des Enfants’ owner, Lynda Hudson, has five German shepherds.

Lynda Hudson's five dogs.
Bookstore owner Lynda Hudson’s white shepherd, Syko, attacked Baby last Friday.
Lynda Hudson

La Librairie des Enfants bookstore.
Hudson insisted she would no longer bring her five German shepherds to the store.
Robert Miller

Since the devastating passing of her dog, Tripp is hoping to pass a law in Baby’s honor.

“Laws have to be changed. And hopefully, we can name it ‘Baby’s Law,’” she said, without elaborating on what specific laws she would like to see pass.

Hudson, meanwhile, has since moved her dogs into her new Westchester County home and said she would no longer bring them to work.

“I will never take them there anymore,” she told The Messenger.

A photo of Baby in front of the bookstore.
Tripp said she would like to pass a law in Baby’s honor.
Robert Miller

Hudson added that she has been harassed since the incident.

“They’re not letting me work. They’re bombarding me with threats, calling me names. They’re calling my landlord, they’re trying to get me out of business,” the bookstore owner said.

La Librairie des Enfants appeared to be closed for the weekend.

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