World’s tallest dog, Zeus, dies at age 3 after post-surgical issues

World's tallest dog, Zeus, dies at age 3 after post-surgical issues

Zeus, 3, received surgery on his right front leg after being diagnosed with bone cancer. Later died from pneumonia he developed after surgery.

The Great Dane, who earned the tallest dog Guinness World Record title in 2022 after measuring in at 1.046 m (3 ft 5.18 in) tall, has died following a diagnosis of bone cancer.

Zeus, a 3-year-old Great Dane from Bedford, Texas, died Tuesday after he had developed pneumonia after his amputation on Sept 7, according to his owner’s GoFundme page.

“Our baby boy is gone. Our hearts are broken. He had the absolute best doctors who sat off the floor and cried with us,” Brittany Davis said. “He fought hard, but the pneumonia was just too much. He is not in pain anymore.”

Davis, the owner of Zeus, mentioned the Great Dane was diagnosed with bone cancer in August. Doctors informed Davis that Zeus would have his right front leg amputated.

Wanting to give Zeus the best doctors, she started a GoFundMe due to the cost of treating cancer in pets. Her account said she raised $12,000, $8,000 less than her goal.

Zeus went into surgery on Sept 7, and the next day, Davis said his surgery went well.

“He did so well,” Davis said. “He’s awake from the anesthesia and on a bunch of pain medicine. He will stay for the weekend, but he’s doing very well, and everyone loves him already.”

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Complications develop after surgery

Three days later, doctors called Davis and informed her Zeus had some complications.

“They noticed he didn’t want to eat and was more lethargic,” Davis said. “He had a slight fever last night, which has cleared, but he’s still lethargic. He also has some bluing around his mouth.”

The doctors did blood work and chest X-rays on Zeus and discovered he had aspiration pneumonia, which means he had fluid and bacteria in his lungs. Doctors proceeded to give him antibiotics that didn’t work. He was pronounced dead Tuesday morning.

Davis thanked the doctors involved as Zeus died in her arms. She said her heart is broken, but she is happy Zeus doesn’t have to suffer anymore.

“He had the absolute best doctors who sat on the floor and cried with us,” Davis said. “He fought hard, but the pneumonia was just too much. He is not in pain anymore. He is resting peacefully.”

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About Zeus

Zeus was a gift to Davis from her brother, who always wanted a Great Dane. He came into her life when he was 8 weeks old and quickly became a vital part of the family.

Davis described Zeus as loving, caring, and strong-minded, admitting he wouldn’t do anything he didn’t want to do. He enjoyed walks around the neighborhood and the local farmer’s market and sleeping by the window.

Zeus garnered attention when he walked the streets with Davis, but he became famous when he became the Guinness World Record title holder for the tallest living male dog in March 2022.

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