Zodiac Signs as Big Cats—Which Wild Feline Animal Are You? – StyleCaster

Zodiac Signs as Big Cats—Which Wild Feline Animal Are You? – StyleCaster

Felines have been the object of human fascination for at least 100,000 years and it’s easy to understand why. Cats have been one of the most popular pets since the beginning of time and we truly can’t get enough of them. The way they ricochet from cuddly and domesticated to primal and petulant in a nanosecond makes them mesmerizing to watch. And because we all have feral side to our personalities, it’s time to discuss the big cat that captures each zodiac sign, especially when they’re at their most wild, untamed, and unbothered.

From feisty and adorable beasts to terrifying and gargantuan predators, wild cats resonate with us spiritually on so many levels. They represent everything it means to reign at the top and hang with the upper echelon, where no one can challenge your superiority. These apex predators are not only fierce carnivores that keep the food chain in check, but slick hunters that can pounce on their prey before anyone’s noticed. They not only have the sharpest nails and the strongest bites, but they even have fur coats that have inspired entire movements in fashion. And even though they can tear limb from limb without flinching, they remain a highly fertile genus that cares for their young and purrs when they’re feeling content. Admit it: you know you wish you could befriend a lion.

Because there exists a ferocious feline in each and every one of us, here’s the big cat that captures each zodiac sign and their insatiable desire to roar:

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